About Us

Shine Agency’s Story

We are excited to introduce to you Shine Agency, a dynamic boutique agency in
Kelowna, BC Canada and the Okanagan’s most trusted REGISTERED TALENT AGENCY!

At Shine Agency, we represent top Artists!

Why choose Shine Agency?

  • We believe in our Actors! 
  • We are family
  • We are a small boutique agency with a premium select roster
  • We build relationships and possess excellent communication skills
  • We are well connected with industry professionals
  • We work on your behalf to promote you and represent your interests
  • We help you elevate your acting career
  • We have a solid business background
  • We have passion for the arts
  • We know marketing and sales
  • We are curious, fair and protective
  • We believe in diversity and inclusion
  • We are “TEAM” oriented

We are honoured and inspired to represent top Artists who always bring their best!

Our Clients