Mindset and Script Process

Here are some tips for getting into the right headspace and how you can utilize your time with a script prior to your audition!⁠

Mindset and script Process journaling in image


Go in to your audition saying “I’m going to GIVE this role!” instead of “I’m going to GET this role!” This way some of the pressure is off and you are bringing your best to the viewers on your interpretation of a role. Then after the audition, let it GO!  Your job is done. The rest is out of your control and you can stay centred in knowing that you will land the role that’s right for you.

Script Process:


Read the complete breakdown and about all characters


What was happening before your scene, how can you combine your character with real emotions?


Write everything down, associate feelings, know your character and respect the script. In your audition it’s important to embody the written words that are directed. Once you land the role, then it can become a collaboration.

Where it can go wrong:

Absence of specifics is the main reason Actors don’t book roles. Material was under explored. Not enough questions asked. Good doesn’t get booked.  Great does. Bring your best!

When it’s time to self-tape, you should no longer be thinking about the lines – just as a hockey player should no longer be thinking about how to skate when they step on the ice.